Ronin Wordpress Theme


The Ronin Wordpress theme is a complete custom WordPress theme that allows for users not only to blog, but to also update the text and images on the home page. The design was from a template found on I then used PHP functions built with wordpress to make the template completely dynamic. A site like this could easily be built for a someone who knows nothing about web developer and allow them to make the site their own through the power of WordPress

Getting Started

The first step I took was to get a template from This gave me a boiler plate for the theme to start being developed. I started copying my HTML code over into their designated files. Right after this, I was able to add in my styles in the header and link my JavaScript files in the footer.


As I started applying the different sytles, I noticed that I would write the CSS and when I refreshed the page the styles would not be applied. I started to google this probelm to see find out that sometimes you need to clear the cache from the browser! This would allow for the new styles to be applied no problem.

clear cache

Easy Customization with Advanced Custom Fields

After all of my styles were applied, I then proceeded to make the whole theme customizable using a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields. This would allow for a person who knows nothing about web development to easily change out text and pictures. I was able to apply this to every piece of the landing page making it totally dynamic. WordPress was able to handle the rest with allowing a user to create a custom menu, blog posts, and categories.

Migrating the Site

After I had completed everything, I was ready to get the site live. I had developed everything on my local machine, so I needed to get the theme and database to the server. I used a simple plugin call "All in One WP Migration" for this. It allowed me to download everything into a file and then upload to my hosted site. After this, I had all of my plugins, media pictures, and blog posts uploaded.


I had a lot of fun on this project. WordPress is a lot of fun to work with because it has great documentation and it allows for people who nothing about web development to be excited about editing their own website. I was able to expand my PHP knowledge some and get even more pratice in migrating a WordPress site.